We are human energy that transforms ideas into successful projects for our clients in the energy and industrial sectors, adding to sustainability and the positive transformation of our society.


In 2025 we will be a benchmark in the markets where we operate, in the development of innovative solutions in clean and conventional energy and we will consolidate ourselves as a company without borders, leveraged on new management models and technologies, being recognized as an excellent place to work and for our clients as their best strategic ally.



Inelectra have started in 1968 in Venezuela; in this way the company consolidates an important record of projects.


Inelectra Colombia was created in 1996 as the first international office of Inelectra.


Between 1998 and 2004 we consolidated ourselves as an EPC project company with important contracts such as the Paraffin plant, Sulfuric Acid Plant and Modernization of the Tea in the Barrancabermeja Refinery.


Between 2006 and 2012 we executed large-scale EPC Projects, such as the Industrial Services of Air, Water, Energy and Steam, for the Barrancabermeja Oil Refinery (Colombia).


In 2010, the entire Inelectra operation was renamed Tiger Engineering and our service in Mexico City was consolidated with the "Manzanillo repowering of the combined cycle plant" project.


Also in 2010, TigerEngineering consolidated the execution of the PMC Project (Project Management Consultant) for the Modernization of the Talara Oil Refinery (Peru), the country's main project.


In 2013, TigerEngineering consolidates the office operation in Lima (Peru).


In 2015, important projects were carried out, such as the Revamping of the FCC Unit of the Minatitlan Oil Refinery and the Nitrogen Agro Plant for the production of Urea.


In the same year 2015, the company's innovation process is carried out, turning TigerEngineering into Summum Projects.

Our future is built on the success of each project, that is why we integrate our knowledge and work as a single team to achieve the best results.

Management Systems Certificates

Certificación Número CMD-SG-00005

Anti-bribery Management System Certificate

It helps us to implement, establish and maintain a set of actions aimed at preserving an integrated and transparent culture.

Safety, Health, Work and Environment of companies

Certifies that our company takes the necessary measures to take care of our human factor and natural resources.