For the Summum, it is a source of pride to share with you the progress we have made with business integrity initiatives. On March 23 of 2020 we obtained the certification of our Anti-Bribery Management System based on the international standard, ISO 37001, as a ratification of our unwavering commitment to legality, ethics and transparency.

With this achivement, we are proud to be recognized in the energy sectors as one of the companies with the greatest commitment and leadersship in the fight against these scourges and the contribution to the proper functioning of the markets, thus giving continuity to our policy and position as an organization to do business in a complete and safe way.

We are committed to maintaining high standards of governance, transparency and legality to continue contributing to the fight against corruption, which is today one of the greatest obstacles we face in achieving economic and social progress in Latin America.

Summum obtained the certification of our Anti-Bribery Management System, ISO 37001

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